What is Batooni.

Batooni Dialer is top free recharge credit payer android application. Recently application launch in Uttar Pradesh. Now Uttar Pradesh user can download from Google Play Store and earn free recharge credit.

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How Batooni Works

Batooni application run based on Advertisement. Ten-time pop-up ads displayed in a day when the user dials a number from Batooni dialer. when user dialed a number for call one ads popup before calling, the user has to see full ads without skip ads & when its completed call automatically connected. but the most thing is some recharge credit amount will be paid for ads viewing into there wallet.

How to earn Money from Batooni

Currently, Batooni has started a referral program for promotion there application. in view of when you register for that, one unique refers code come into your inbox. Now when you refer this application to someone you need to placed refer code to generated ten rupees for your account. according you can earn money by referring your Batooni refer code.

Watch the full video about Batooni